Write an essay question on the distinction between technical eclecticism, common factors and integrated approaches.

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Technical Eclecticism
--What works best given
--The diagnosis
--The presenting problems
--The client’s personal and psychological resources
--The research about different techniques and treatments
--Use of specific and empirically supported treatments specifically tailored to the client’s personality, presenting problems, diagnoses, and life factors
--Does not require a theory to explain source of pathology, only an approach for treating it
--Can sometimes take a haphazard approach and seem very disjointed
--Main proponents are Beutler and Lazarus

Common Factors
--All therapies are about equally effective, because they all do pretty much the same thing
--Several factors that are critical for effective therapeutic change
--Good therapeutic relationship
--Client expectations of hope and change
--Reality testing and corrective experiences
--External point of view...

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