Literature review: Effectiveness of Cigarette Advertising
Do cigarette advertisements increase smoking in adolescents?

1. Write an APA style reference entry for the source
2. include the first page of the article (copy and paste it). THIS MUST INCLUDE THE ABSTRACT!
3. Identify the type of research (descriptive, correlational, experimental, quasi experimental) and explain your answer. (hopefully you will easily know which type it is because he takes off a lot of points if its the wrong type)
4. Describe the purpose of the study.
5. Briefly describe the research procedures (do not include descriptions of the scales). INCLUDE THE NUMBER OF ITEMS AND POSSIBLE RESPONSES.
6. Summarize the important findings that are relevant to your topic and explain why they are relevant to your topic.
7. What do authors identify as a weakness in their study?

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4. Describe the purpose of the study.
The study was performed to examine the relationship between exposure to cigarette advertising during adolescence and the likelihood of taking up smoking. Research shows that if smoking is not initiated during adolescence, it is unlikely to be taken up later in life. In order to combat the risk factors that could lead to adolescents taking up smoking, the researchers look into the role advertising has to play in propagating this phenomenon. Thus, a positive correlation would likely imply that exposure to advertising does influence young people take up smoking and is a viable risk factor....

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