Choose a topic that is related to human development that has been discussed in the course text book for the focus of your paper. Then, locate 2 scholarly articles from the APUS library on this topic.

Write a paper which includes these issues:
• What was the purpose of the research/article?
• What were the results or findings of the research?
• What can be concluded from the research? Are there any future recommendations or limitations that were discussed by the authors?
• What impact or potential does this research have in the ‘real world’ lives of everyday people?
• What future directions should research in this area possibly go?

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When Noam Chomsky published his book Synctactic Structures, he claimed that language and its acquisition was hard-coded in the human genes (Goldstein, 2011). He proposed the existence of a Language Acquisition Device – a module in the brain that explains the seemingly innate tendency of children to acquire a language at a young age (Chomsky, 1965).

But to what extent is it true that there is only a specific period in an individual’s life that they can acquire a language? In this paper, I will discuss two research papers on second language acquisition.

The first of these papers – ‘Executive and phonological processes in second language acquisition’ (de Abreau et al, 2012) – seeks to examine the existence of a variable that links together the executive process believed to be responsible for the acquisition of a language viz. working memory, phonological short term memory, phonological awareness and proficiency across languages....
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