3.5 Page APA style report, single space, no need cover sheet. pick a topic you are passionate about and connect it to a specific area of cognitive psychology

Include in your bibliography 3-5 references to scholarly work published

Choose one topic you feel comfortable to write:

4. Problem solving and creativity : how we problem solve, what factors influence.

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Problem Solving and Creativity: How We Solve Problems and the Factors that Influence It

As human beings, we encounter problems every day.
From figuring out basic arithmetic to resolving a country’s economic crisis, problems will differ in kind and degree, but will always remain an integral part of human life.
It is then important to understand the nature and processes of problem solving, and the factors that influence such.
This report will look at the problem-solving process, and the role of cognitive processes and strategies in problem recognition, definition, and representation.

Psychologists like Bransford & Stein (1993), Hayes (1989), and Sternberg (1986) have described the problem-solving process as a cycle that consists of the following stages—
(1) recognition or identification of the problem; (2) mental definition and representation of the problem; (3) development of a solution strategy;
(4) organization of the individual’s knowledge of the problem; (5) allocation of mental and physical resources for solving the problem;
(6) monitoring of the individual’s progress toward the goal; and (7) evaluation the solution for accuracy (Pretz, Naples, & Sternberg, 2003).
These steps do not necessarily follow this exact order, but may vary depending on what the...

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