Conduct an interview with a senior citizen and discuss in detail: notable aspects, surprising aspects, etc.

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Notable aspects
My interviewee, Mrs. J.—her preferred anonymized appellation—responded most strongly when she could tackle my questions by talking about either her family or her church life and faith. Of course, this is understandable, because family and church were clearly pivotal in her life, as is likely the case for many senior citizens who have led similar lives. However, there was also an underlying tone and sense of loss in her responses, even if there was an accompanying note of resigned strength. Part of this is due to her having recently retired from a 45-year teaching career, with the last 25 of those years given to one (Catholic) school. Also, even though it had been three years since her husband’s death (after many years of suffering from the debilitating effects of a stroke), Mrs. J.’s house felt like it yet bore witness to the massive hole his death had left in her life. And, finally, the sense of loss was comingled with the finality of one last transition...

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