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Respond to the following prompt:

- Complete a brief description of two challenges faced by forensic psychology professionals when encouraging police professionals to utilize available psychological support and interventions.
- Explain how you would address these challenges.
- Then, analyze one ethical issue that the forensic psychology professional could encounter when providing psychological support and interventions. Be specific and cite the applicable ethical guidelines.

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One of the key ‘negative’ findings of Tanigoshi et al. (2008) concerned the construct of self-efficacy (SE). SE, in the case of a police professional (PP), would be a PP’s self-perception of her ability to do something, such as “successfully perform and execute a given behavior” (p. 65); commonplace expressions of the notion of SE would include self-confidence, self-belief, etc. Naturally, then, in line with prior research, Tanigoshi et al. hypothesized that PPs who had high levels of SE would be more likely...

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