A Plan for the Forensic Psychological Evaluation of a Police Officer (760 words)

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Respond to the following prompt:

- Complete an explanation of how you would plan for evaluation of an individual police officer. Be very specific. Then explain what you think would be the most important aspects of that planning. Finally, explain what insights you have gained about evaluation planning.

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The referral requester. The police officer’s treating psychologist (TP) plays a pivotal role in this case, for the police officer and in a properly specified plan for conducting a forensic psychological evaluation (FPE) of the police officer. The TP must be consulted in order to ascertain the purpose of the requested FPE. Salient in the referral was the possibility that the police officer poses a risk of violence to the officer’s supervisors. In light of the seriousness of this concern/suspicion, the TP must be consulted about how the FPE may...

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