- 2 pages, APA format, cite and/or paraphrase everything

- Describe three elements of the court system and the individuals connected with each.

- Then analyze and explain the relationship between forensic psychology and each element of the court system.

- Finally, explain why you selected each element (e.g., what about each element interests you).

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The Court System and Forensic Psychology

The roles that forensic psychologists take within the legal system are both expansive and diverse. From assessing people’s competency to stand trial to psychological evaluations in the post-conviction phase, forensic psychology professional are an important part of court proceedings (Arrigo & Shipley, 2005). In order to successfully fulfill their duties, forensic psychology professionals need to understand the elements of the court system and their role within each of these elements. This paper will discuss three elements of the U.S. court system and the role of forensic psychology within each of these elements.
The criminal process is a legal process where the government charges an individual with an alleged criminal offence. This offence is punishable either by a financial fine or by the act of imprisonment. Verdicts made in the criminal proceedings are...

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