Complete a brief description of the Jeffrey Dahmer case and the psychological issue(s) involved.

Then explain how you would prepare to testify for the case. - Refer to the process of and guidelines for testifying as you explain the steps you would take, from the time you receive the subpoena through the time you are on the stand.

Be specific as you use aspects from the case you selected to illustrate the process you would follow to offer expert testimony.

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In 1960, Jeffrey Dahmer underwent surgery while he was still a child. Soon after the operation, he started exhibiting troubling behavior, which led him to committing his first murder in 1978. Before he murdered his second victim in 1987, it is reported that Dahmer was arrested several times. According to Miller (2014), Dahmer lured men and teenagers and killed them. He would go-ahead to perform sexual acts on the corpses. He would then dismember the bodies and take photographs....

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