- Briefly describe two ethical dilemmas from case study.
- Explain what information you might include/exclude in your report or testimony and the reasoning behind why you chose to include/exclude particular information.
- Explain which ethical code and guidelines you might you be violating or might be in question given the information that you included in the report or testimony. Be sure to cite specific codes and guidelines.
- Explain the implications/consequences of the information that you divulge in your report or testimony.
- Share an insight(s) or draw a conclusion(s) about report writing and testimony in Forensic Psychology settings.

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Forensic ethics
Ethical dilemmas and the information that might beincluded/excluded in a report
After evaluating the case study, I believe that two pertinent ethical challenges should be addressed with immediate effect. One of the ethical problems posed is that of prostitution and drug addiction. It is well defined in the case study that the mother to the defendant was a prominent prostitute and a crack addict at the same time. This information is critical as it provides the psychologist with additional leads into the defendant’s situation. However, dragging other people into the scene is entirely unethical (Barker & Branson, 2014). Nonetheless, the information about the mother is not to be...

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