You would need to write a short essay about "Mother''. Also, you would need to write about the interconnectedness between what Freud argues in the plot points of "Araby":
" It is easy to show that the value the mind sets on erotic needs instantly sinks as soon as satisfaction becomes readily obtainable. Some obstacles is necessary to seell the tide of the libido to its height; and at all periods of history, wherever natural barries in the way of satisfaction have not sufficed mankind has erected conventional ones in order to be able to enjoy love"

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Mother Love

Mother love is perhaps the most important elements in the society. It has been argued that mother love tends to shape not only individuals but also culture. Most mothers are well aware that their love along with emotional availability plays a role in promoting and safeguarding their children’s well-being. However, not many have a good understanding regarding the pronounced and long-lasting impact that they have in developing their children’s cognitive ability.
Indeed, Savage (2014) indicated that when a mother teaches her children about...

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