Assignment Specifics:
In composing two full paragraphs, while in the role of consulting psychologist or criminal psychologist, students should attempt to advance their theory concerning why Charles Whitman shot and killed "fourteen people and wounded twenty-four others before he was slain by police" (Beck, 2004, p. 2). Do not confine your thoughts on this subject to simply reading the first few paragraphs of our main text, though that is certainly a great place to start. You will need to conduct additional research as well. Which simply means you'll have to read other accounts besides the short biographical sketch in our course textbook.
In the first paragraph, of the two paragraphs, students should briefly set forth some of the facts concerning the Charles Whitman case. Though there is no one accepted theory concerning why Whitman decided to kill all those innocent people on that fateful day, plenty of people have advanced a number of theories concerning why he may have committed such a terrible act.
In the second paragraph, the students' goals are two-fold: 1) Advance reasons why your theory is a plausible or valid one? And 2.), attempt to discuss why you don't agree with at least one other theory that has been advanced. Remember, no one may ever know Whitman's true motivation for taking so many lives on that day. But what's your best theory concerning possible reason(s) for his motivation?

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The Charles Whitman case presents some variables from which his decision to shoot at people, with each offering a perspective into the psycho-emotional environment that he existed in. In Alfred Adler’s insights into personality and response to environmental orientation, the theoretical concept can be used in advancing such environmental variables towards...

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