Children and The Law

Write a paper on the readings and write your own personal thoughts, give examples and give a comparison with the readings. This should not be a summary but just your own personal thoughts.

-What Is Child Abuse and Neglect? Recognizing the Signs and Symptoms (Child Welfare Information Gateway)

-Innovations in NYC Health and Human Services Policy Child Welfare Policy (Allon Yaroni, PhD, and Ryan Shanahan, PhD, Vera Institute of Justice Randi Rosenblum, PhD and Timothy Ross, PhD, Action Research Partners)

-Issues of Abuse and Neglect (Children and The Law)

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Children and the Law

Children need the law when their parents fail them in life. Civil protection of children rights is a very complex subject that is recognized both by the international law and national legislations. Unfortunately, there are many cases of abuse and neglect when children need to be separated from their parents either temporary or permanently. Separation is a traumatic experience for both the children and parents but this practice is sometimes considered to be a necessary evil. In this paper, I will discuss how legal policies protect children’s welfare.

To me, it sounds almost impossible that a parent would have the capacity to inflict harm upon a child. However, it appears that not all parents share my point of view which is why we have so many definitions of child abuse and neglect. Only skimming through these legal definitions, one would be surprised by what some people can do to creatures that are so pure and helpless like children. What I find even worse are the statistics which claim...
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