Directions: The purpose of this project is to evaluate and analyze Hollywood’s attempts at understanding the world of work. In addition, students are to evaluate how well the movie helps the viewer understand the subjective experience of work. Each individual is responsible for selecting ONE film that would work well with an I/O analysis. This paper must be at least 5 pages and must have at least 4 unique constructs.

Plagiarism: All papers will be submitted through via BB. Student must work independently. Any papers that are found to have plagiarism will receive an automatic zero. Plagiarism includes using old papers or using any outside resources.

A note about movie choices:
a. There are a lot of movies out there that have covered different areas of work. Some are better than others. Make sure that the movie you select covers an adequate amount of I/O-related constructs. Just because the movie has characters who are employed does not mean that it is a good choice. Here are a few examples:
i. Waiting counterproductive work behaviors
ii. Time Out job loss, stress, meaning of work
iii. Apollo 13 leadership, teams
iv. American Splendor stress, job characteristics
v. 12 Angry Men leadership
vi. Armageddon personnel selection, teams, leadership
vii. Office Space counterproductive work behaviors, stress

I. Introduction and Description of the Movie:
a. The student provided a brief description of the paper and both movies--including the setting, main characters (DO NOT include a list of actors/actresses), and main premise. This section should not be more than one full page.
II. Application of I/O:
a. The student discussed the movie in terms of I/O terms, constructs, and/or theories related to lecture and/or the book. The paper should use at least 4 unique I/O concepts. Papers must include a brief definition of the chosen I/O material and then proceed to give examples, explaining how and/or why the film demonstrates the chosen I/O material. Students should make sure to have a unified and organized analysis. In other words, there should be a logical flow of ideas. This section should at least seventy percent of the paper. Is not necessary to use material outside of the course book and/or lecture. In addition, when I/O material is discussed, it should be properly cited. If material is accessed from the text, students should cite the course textbook.
III. Movie Opinion:
a. The student discussed his or her own opinions of the movie. Please address ALL of the following questions—remember to explain why: Did the director do a good job of examining the issues at hand? Does the director understand the subjective experience of work? In other words, does the movie accurately depict the scientific study of I/O psychology? How could the movie have been improved (please do not say there is nothing that could be improved)? Would you recommend the movie to others?
IV. Grammar/writing style:
a. Papers must be grammatically correct and free of spelling errors, contractions, clichés, and slang. This essay should follow the APA format, be in Times New Roman, size 12 font, double spaced, and with one inch margins on all four sides. Use subtitles to divide the paper.

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Introduction and Description of the Movie
The film industry has gradually attempted to understand workplace behaviors by creating subjective experiences of typical American workplaces. The film Waiting, which was released in 2005 portrays the workplace events and experiences in Shenaniganz, an average-sized restaurant. Dean, one of the waiters, is embarrassed by his career and academic achievements and starts questioning his direction in life. Monty, a fellow attendant, and Dean's roommate is comfortable with his job and accomplishments, which include sexual perversion. The arrival of a new waiter Mitch reveals the employees’ irreverent disdain for customers, unprofessional conducts such as the penis-showing game, which was introduced to end workplace boredom. Mitch witnesses his co-workers muddling with customers’ food in collaborative impudent disdain for complaints or customer dissatisfaction. Mitch's co-workers treat him with contempt, and they rarely allow him to talk until he decides to conform by performing the “goat” style and opening up about his experiences. Dean eventually quits despite having been offered the position of assistant manager. The following film provides a subjective experience of work despite being slightly exaggerated to enhance humor and appeal....

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