Imagine that a group of obese children is recruited for a study in which their weight is measured, then they participate for 3 months in a program that encourages them to be more active, and finally their weight is measured again. Explain how each of the following might affect the results:
a. regression to the mean
b. spontaneous remission
c. history
d. maturation

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Research Methods in Psychology
Regression to the mean: This statistical concept suggests that repeated measurements of a variable makes what was initially a natural variation even out – that even though a variable might have been on either extreme side of the mean, it will move closer to the mean when next measurement is taken. Hence, regression to the mean results when a unit/study participant is subjected to repeated measurements – because observations/measurements inherently are subject to random error. This means, what initially is relatively low/high value (observation), if measured repeatedly will regress towards the true mean of subject/participant/unit. In this...

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