What is a conditioned taste aversion and why is it a problem for general process learning theory?

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As cited by Reichelt, ‎Morris, ‎and Westbrook (2017), the relationship that prevails between conditioned taste aversion and general process learning theory has continued to garner the interest of many scholars and researchers. A common finding is that conditioned taste aversion (CTA) poses critical problems for the general process learning theory. While this is the case, Kasaki, ‎ Ishiguro, and ‎Asada (2016) debated that the principal and specific outcomes that make CTA toxic are not well elucidated. Hence, the present paper will attempt to understand the dynamics of the relationship between the two concepts. However, the starting point will be to explain what conditioned taste aversion is in detail.

Defining conditioned taste aversion
Murphy and Honey (2016) defined conditioned taste as a robust defense mechanism that protects animals from recurrent consumption of toxic or contaminated food. As such, it is a situation in which a negative reinforcing subject matter creates an aversion to unpleasant food as opposed to preference (Best, 1975). Nonetheless, the two sets of researchers clarified that the best definition is one that accounts for the etiological, physiological psychology and neurobiological aspects of the concept. Murphy and Honey (2016) indicated that in CTA, novel foods are consumed in minimal quantities, also called neophobia, and this is usually followed by several assistance hours....

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