Familism and a Changing Society
Our text defines familism as the “pride and closeness in the family, which results in family obligations and loyalty coming before individual needs” (Schaefer, 2015, p 188). Family is the primary source of social interaction, more important than friends and work. It also involves social involvement and caregiving of the elderly and financial dependence of kin. It is a characteristic of much of the Latino community.
While familism is often viewed as a positive thing, it can have a negative influence on Mexican Americans and the entire Latino community. post familism below, respond to the following points in your initial post this week:
•Many regard the family as a real strength in the Latino community, but is this always the case? What are the positive and negative aspects of familism?
•Research the web for information on familism. Does familism promote psychological well-being? Do men or women benefit more from familism?
•Around the world, it appears familism is coming to an end. What are the economic, political and cultural implications of the changes underway in the traditional family unit?
•What are your experiences with family? Are you familiar with the concept of familism? How do you personally feel about extended family and how it affects family life and career?

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Among the Latin Americans, the family is deemed as a real strength. One of the main attributes that lead to such beliefs is described by Falicov (2013) in which it is revealed that the prevalence of family unity usually facilitate a situation where the subjects of the community protect one another. Besides, it is through the family that children of the Latinos are taught concerning the value of endurance...

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