Performance Tests
Describe the characteristics of a performance test and discuss two types of performance tests used by organizations. What do you think are the advantages and weakness of each? Include expense of development and administration, accuracy of results, and ease of scoring.

Duty to Warn
In 1976, the Supreme Court of California ruled on a case that became precedent for many “duty to warn” state statutes.
Prosenjit Poddar was a graduate student at the University of California, Berkeley. He dated for a time a young woman named Tatiana Tarasoff. It was later established that Ms. Tarasoff may not have felt as serious about the relationship as Mr. Poddar did. Mr. Poddar is reported to have then sought assistance with some feelings of depression at the University Health Service with a Dr. Moore. During the course of therapy, Mr. Poddar conveyed to Dr. Moore that he intended to obtain a gun and shoot Ms. Tarasoff.
Dr. Moore sent a letter to the University of California-Berkeley police requesting that Mr. Poddar be detained and screened for psychiatric inpatient hospital admission. The police were reported to have interviewed Mr. Poddar and to have determined that he was not dangerous.
Some time later, Ms. Tarasoff returned from a visit out of the country, at which time Mr. Poddar was reported to have stalked and killed her.
The Supreme Court of California later ruled that Dr. Moore had a duty to warn the potentially endangered Ms. Tarasoff, which took legal precedence over the legal issues of therapist/client privilege and the ethic of therapist/client confidentiality.
Locate an additional reference regarding Tarasoff v. The Regents of the University of California, and address the following questions:
1. What would be minimally required for an appropriate assessment today in reference to the above case?
2. What specific information/data would be minimally acceptable for a thorough assessment in this case?
3. What would an evaluator need to know regarding issues about Mr. Poddar’s competence to stand trial for this offense?
4. What would an evaluator need to know regarding issues about Mr. Poddar’s sanity/insanity at the time of the offense?

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According to Mille and Lovler (2016), performance tests contain many assessments in which tests takers are applied one or more tasks. For example, a test center asks for candidates to perform certain tasks according to their opened job position. In addition to this, candidates are obliged to solve various cases, to make presentations or to perform other tasks that they can demonstrate their qualifications. Some characteristics of performance tests are as follows:
1. Performance tests are authentic and includes everyday life rituals and cases
2. Performance assessments provide opportunities for candidates or students to demonstrate their skills and knowledge
3. Performance tests involve test takers in the process of evaluation
4. Performance tests integrate tasks involving multiple skills and knowledge of culture.
5. Performance assessments help all test takers/candidates to perform their best and aims to develop overall performance.
For example, cognitive ability tests use questions to measure ability of quick learning, logical approaches, reading and other mental skills. Cognitive ability tests...

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