In 5-8 pages, write a proposed intervention program for your community to address a social issue you have identified from Module
You have selected a community social issue below:
Bullying and Suicide
In your paper/proposal, please address the following:
The statistics and/or local new reports regarding the community social issue you have identified
Current research that assists with a culturally competent psychoeducation plan for your proposed community psychology intervention
Your proposed strategies to create an effective community outreach that includes your plan to encourage the engagement of community volunteers
Discuss any resources that you need to carry out the proposed intervention program
Your expected outcome of the proposed intervention program and your plan to measure the effectiveness in the future (e.g., evaluation surveys, etc., program growth, etc.)
In your conclusion, write 3-4 sentences.

Read “A Rush to Judgment”* located in the Presentation section, Module 8. You are to submit a 5-8 page paper discussing in depth your responses to the questions posed at the end of the study. You will need to include at least two outside sources to support your paper’s comments. Your paper should be double spaced and include a cover sheet and a reference page. Use APA writing style for papers.

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As identified in module one, the public health issue that I am concerned with is bullying and suicide. According to Bullying Statistics Org (2018), bullying and suicide are strongly linked. As such, bullied students are at risk of committing suicide. Bullying Statistics Org (2018) suppose that suicide is the third leading cause of death among the adolescents and young adults with at least 4,000 people from this group dying each year. Besides, it has been revealed that one in every 100 youths attempt suicide. A significant portion of high school students (14%) have contemplated suicide as a result of bullying, with half of this proportion going ahead to attempt the deleterious cause.
More to this, Bullying Statistics Org (2018) establishes that the victims of bullying at between 2 and 9 times more likely to develop the idea of committing suicide when compared to the non-victims. Furthermore, girls aged between 10 and 14 years portray a higher risk of bullying-related suicide. An additional statistic is that almost 30 percent of the American students are either bullies or targets/victims, and that more than 160,000 children tend to stay away from school as a result of fear of being victimized. Bullying Statistics Org (2018) suppose that bullying-related suicide can prevail due to any form of bullying practices, including emotional, physical, sexting, and cyberbullying, not mentioning the circulation of nude or suggesting messages or photos concerning the victim.
The current research that assists with culturally competent psychoeducation plan for my proposed community psychology intervention
The research that addresses the issue of setting up a culturally competent psychoeducation plan for community psychology intervention for at-risk populations when it comes to bullying and suicide is burgeoning. For instance, Cantone et al. (‎2015) established that interventions that often emphasize on the whole school as opposed to those that are delivered through classroom curricula or even social skills training in isolation are more effective. While this is the case, owing to differences in ages, gender, and socioeconomic groups of the targets, most of the bullying and suicide programs only work in the short term.
In another study by Lieberman, Poland, and Kornfeld (2006), it was established that school psychologist usually plays a crucial role as not only consultants but also trainers to other school personnel to assure that effective suicide prevention measures as a result of bullying are taken. Hence, according to the researchers, school psychologists have the duty to train the school staff on issues such as suicide screening not mentioning how to advocate and aid in the implementation of bullying-related suicide prevention and intervention.
Geraldine et al., (2011) have also contributed substantially towards generating...

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