Ethics for Behavior Analysts
Applied behavior analysts can receive supervision via face-to-face or remote/online formats. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each format of supervision in relation to any applicable BACB Codes. Next choose one supervision format and present a hypothetical scenario where a supervisee may want to implement an intervention with a client. The intervention proposed (i.e., latest fad) has been advertised in the media as including some behavior-analytic components. Describe the treatment and the empirical support for the intervention provided by the supervisee. Elaborate on how you, as the supervisor, would address the scenario considering possible risk of harm to the client.

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A BACB code that relates to supervision is maintaining confidentiality (BACB, 2016). Unlike the online mode, it is easier for a behavioral analyst to ensure that optimal precautions to protect the client’s confidentiality when using face-to-face supervision. This is especially because the professional has direct control of the factors that might jeopardize the adherence to the confidentiality code. With online supervision, it is difficult...

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