Behavioral Measures and Interpretation of Data
Describe three direct observation methods presented in your reading this week. Present the advantages and disadvantages of each direct observation method and include a scenario where you would use each of the methods identified. Conclude your post with a review of the methods for data analysis for direct observations (i.e., conditional probabilities) and provide a rationale for why you would use these data analysis methods on the data collected.

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In the direct observation, measuring the behavior of interest without inferring is required that, generally by investigating the behavior as it happens in a natural or a contrived setting. The validity of measurement is maximized in direct observation since the discrepancy among actual behavioral events and sampled behavior declines. Direct observation is preferred if conditions are appropriate; however sometimes indirect measures may be necessary. Direct observations can be either continuous or discontinuous and these methods generally known as descriptive techniques. Researchers take into account many factors in identifying the data collection and analysis methods. First of all, we need to consider the...

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