Define the terms “motivating operation”, “establishing operation”, and “abolishing operation”. Identify one challenging behavior that could be decreased with the use of antecedent control. Specifically discuss the role of the motivating operations and specific strategies to create an abative effect on the challenging behavior. Then, discuss specific strategies that can have an evocative effect for a replacement behavior. How would you apply these into an intervention? Which consequence interventions would you use following the occurrence of the desired behavior?

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Motivating operations (MO) are environmental variables that: modify the influence of some stimulus, object, or event as a reinforcer, and modify the valid density of all behavior that has been reinforced by that stimulus, object, or event (Cooper et al., 2007).
Establishing Operation (EO) - improves the current impact of any stimulus, object, or event as reinforcement (Cooper et al., 2007).
Abolishing Operation (AO) - reduces the valid effectiveness of several stimulus, object, or event as reinforcement
Examples of EO and AO: EO: My daughter's favorite snack is crisps. Her teacher know this...

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