Behavioral Measures and Interpretation of Data
Reliability in behavioral assessment is derived through the calculation of interobserver agreement. Describe how interobserver agreement can be impacted by such issues as reactivity, observer drift, observer bias, complexity of response codes, and expectancy bias. End your post with a description of methods for calculating interobserver agreement and the various issues associated with the calculation methods.

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As mentioned in classical assessment theory of behavioral analysis, reliability and validity are central to suitable measurement. The most agreed process of detecting the reliability and validity of observational data is through interobserver agreement Pacheco, M. (2001). The notion of reliability and validity as practical to interobserver agreement have been evaluated a little as distinct from nomothetic and idiographic measurement paradigms. Some researchers think interobserver agreement as a relatively easy condition of reliability or accuracy through observers while others argue it as talented of covering features of both reliability and validity depending onto the proportion of random to systematical mistake, frame of explanation, and size of impacts Kazdin, A. E. (1977). All admit that...

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