The Case Assignment for this course will be a 3-5 page paper (excluding cover page and references). You should use a minimum of 2-3 sources from the Touro Library in your Case Assignment.
Please consider the poorly developed survey. After reviewing the poorly developed survey, identify some specific problems of the survey that are tied or related to the following concepts:
1. Likert Scaling for some survey questions (Module 2)
2. Validity of some survey questions (Module 3)
3. The social biases in how the survey questions are asked (Module 1, Module 4)
4. The sampling of participants who would take the survey (Module 4)
Your Case assignment should include all these 4 components along with some suggestions to revise the survey questions based on the concepts you had learned from the Modules. Please use the proper psychological assessments and testing terminology from the assigned materials in your Case assignment.

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The poorly developed survey presents a set of specific problems related to the Liker Scaling for some survey questions. One of the most essential problems is that the scale does not reflect the concept of Likert. According to Subedi (2016, p. 41), the two essential elements that make up a Likert include the Likert items and the Likert Scale. The author states that the logical sequence arrangement should define the Likert Items. In addition to this, Subedi (2016, p. 42) claims that, even though the items must be closely interrelated, they ought to provide independent information. At the same time, the items should measure a distinct element of phenomena under consideration. All these characteristics are lacking in the poorly designed survey tool. For instance, the scale appearing in question number 27 does not reflect a logical sequence arrangement. While the scale...

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