Read Chapters 1, 2, and 3 in Performance management: Changing behavior that drives organizational effectiveness.
The reading emphasizes the idea that many practitioners are geared towards autonomous practice, despite being taught the importance of professional teams. Using the readings, describe the difference between autonomous practice, multidisciplinary teams, and interdisciplinary teams. Describe how you are currently prepared to work on an interdisciplinary team and evaluate any identified areas of weakness that you still might need to improve upon. Remember, you must support your opinions up with information from the readings.

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Performance management (PM) aims to generate the highest profit by creating an inspiring work environment that brings the best in people (Daniels & Daniels, 2004). PM should maximize all kinds of performance by considering the combined influence of behaviors, situations, and results on ensuring the desired outcomes. Autonomous practice, working in multidisciplinary, and interdisciplinary teams are three different health care delivery performance modalities unique in structure and organization. It is essential to understand how each of these practices contributes to ensuring the best treatment outcomes.
Autonomous practice is characterized by independent choices, adequate knowledge, the self-determined course of professional action, and freedom from coercion (Skar, 2010). Knowledge acquired during academic education underlies autonomous practice as it allows professionals...

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