Read Chapters 11 and 15 (155–164 and 209–220) of the Bailey and Burch (2016) text and Chapter 30 (498–510) of the Fisher, Piazza, and Roane (2011) text.
In addition to the chapters in your texts, please read the following articles.
Critchfield, T. S. (2011). Interesting times: Practice, science, and professional organizations in behavior analysis. The Behavior Analysts, 34, 297–310.
Johnston, J. M., Foxx, R. M., Jacobson, J. W., & Green, G. (2006). Positive behavior support and applied behavior analysis. The Behavior Analyst, 29, 51–74.
Please write APA style
Research three (3) different professional organizations geared towards professionals in the field of applied behavior analysis.
- Association for Science in Autism Treatment
- Washington Association for Behavior Analysis
- Association of Professional Behavior Analysts
The organizations can be at the national, state, or local level. Provide a brief description of each organization and the mission of the organization. Be descriptive and include any membership fees, membership criteria, and benefits included with membership. Conclude by choosing one of the professional organizations that you would like to join and provide your rationale for choosing it.

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Association for Science in Autism Treatment (ASAT) is an online platform that provides information about treatment options for people with autism spectrum disorders mainly to their families and professionals working in the field. Established in 1998, ASAT is the first autism advocacy group to promote an empirical and science-based approach to treating autism. Its mission is to promote evidence-based, effective and safe treatment options through timely sharing of accurate, science-based pieces of information. The organization seeks to reveal inaccurate, false and unsubstantiated information about autism spectrum disorders and treatment.
ASAT offers various volunteering opportunities for reviewing information that is readily available on the internet and writing synopses of scientific articles that discuss autism treatment. Volunteers can...

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