More and more organizations are investing in developing leaders with integrity, honesty, and a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong. Research shows that leaders who adopt authentic or servant-leadership styles of influence positively impact the profitability and long-term success of the organization. Today, almost 50% of the workforce is comprised of millennials, and so organizations must determine best practices to prepare this new generation of leaders.

Assume that you are the academic features editor of an online business newsletter. Develop a Q&A article about millennial leadership based on your responses to the following questions:

-How are millennials changing the workforce? How are millennials influencing leadership today?
-Is a servant leadership approach appropriate for leadership development in millennials? If yes, why? If not, what other styles of leadership would be appropriate?
-How can organizations develop millennials into authentic leaders?
-What leadership skills do this generation seem to lack compared to other generations? -What leadership skills does this generation have?
-How can organizations prepare millennials for leadership roles?
-What types of skills will a millennial leader value in the future workforce?
-You will need to summarize key ideas, express yourself clearly, and illustrate your points.

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Millennial Leadership

Q. 1: How are millennials changing the workforce? How are millennials influencing leadership today?

Millennials characterize one of the most fundamental changes in today’s ideologies and in the workforce since the Baby Boomers. The generation is redefining how organizations develop in terms of leadership, innovation, and employee engagement among others. According to Onorato, Walsh & Lei (2018), millennials significantly hold a global outlook on life and often seek meaningfulness in their work. Millennials are technology-oriented with the ability to communicate and view issues from a global perspective in the digital age. Hence, they value a communal approach to management rather than the use of hierarchies. These individuals in the workforce are redefining how companies engage with their employees. The workforce is shifting from a focus on consumers to enhancing employee engagement. Today’s organizations appreciate or engage with employees more than ever compared to other generations.

The traditional top-down system of leadership is finding it hard to compete in the current workforce environment because of these radical changes. Millennials are influencing leadership by illustrating interest in creative expression instead of leadership roles within organizations. Leaders working with millennials find that soft skills are a major determinant of employee engagement. Millennials often value meaningfulness and authenticity when developing relationships within the workplace (Onorato, Walsh & Lei, 2018). Leaders often must enhance their emotional intelligence and communication abilities rather than focusing on technical skills. The millennials are influencing leadership through increased communal focus rather than top-...

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