General mental ability (GMA) is well known to be the best predictor of job performance. In the development of selection procedures, I/O psychologists often include GMA tests for a wide variety of occupations. GMA assessment is particularly suited for jobs requiring complex skills and abilities. This best practice, however, is often challenged internally when applied to senior management or supervisory occupations. Many organizational leaders resist using GMA assessments for senior level selection on the basis of pre-existing high educational achievements inherent in the talent pool. In addition, the misperception exists at this level that emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills are better predictors of good leadership than reasoning or problem solving skills.

This week you are to support the use of cognitive ability assessments to evaluate long-term leadership success, such as executive decision making and problem solving. For this task, you will prepare a short report outlining the benefits and drawbacks of using cognitive ability testing for leadership succession planning efforts for the Widget Company. Review the following scenario:


The Widget Company is considering using a cognitive ability test to assist its executive management team in selecting candidates for the company’s leadership development program as part of their succession planning efforts. Management has asked you to assess whether this type of assessment will result in increased quality of candidates who are matched for future executive leadership jobs across the organization’s national and international offices.

In your report, you will need to discuss:

How would cognitive ability testing assist the Widget Company to improve its leadership succession planning efforts?

What challenges might result in using this type of testing to select future senior leaders? What ethical considerations should be made for this testing?

What are the concerns of using cognitive tests for individuals from diverse ethnic, age, gender, and special needs groups?

How could the Widget Company assess the effectiveness of this testing program?

Support your paper with at least 5 research articles published in peer reviewed journals in the past 5 years.

Your paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts that are presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to the topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards.

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Cognitive Ability Testing
In the modern world of business, each organization anticipates hiring a top-notch quality leader to pick up from where an outgoing corporate official left, and perhaps take the organization to the next level. The challenge, however, comes when selecting the assessment tool to ensure that the right leader is recruited. Majority of firms apply cognitive ability tests. According to OPM Gov. (2020), cognitive ability tests are commonly used to test a person's cognitive abilities, including perception, reasoning, and memory, problem-solving, verbal and mathematical capacities. Typically, cognitive ability testing will ask multiple-choice questions that seek to determine a person’s numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, abstract reasoning, spatial reasoning, and mechanical reasoning. While this is the case, the success of the cognitive ability test differs across industries. Hence, this paper seeks to analyze the successes and drawbacks of these tests for leadership succession planning efforts for a Widget Company.

The success of the Widget Company to improve its leadership succession planning effort when using cognitive ability testing
The use of cognitive ability tests in leadership succession planning efforts will allow the Widget Company to know not only whether a candidate has the necessary qualities of an effective leader but also the degree of these attributes. Rammstedt and Martin (2016) demonstrated that cognitive ability tests are effective in determining emotional stability and openness. Parr, Lanza, and Bernthal (2016) claim that emotional stability is one of the most pertinent characteristics of an effective leader, given that it allows him or her to forge constructive interpersonal relationships besides developing others. Therefore, with a cognitive ability test, the Widget Company is certain to hire a leader who will develop a bond with the current workforce easily and quickly. Therefore, the company will not experience lapses in the transition from the old management and the new one. This is especially important if the...
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