Unit One: Personality Psychology. Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which commonly used personality test is a well-researched objective clinical questionnaire designed to assess personality and psychological problems?
A) the Beck Depression Inventory
B) the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale
C) the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory
D) the Beck Anxiety Disorder Scale

2. A drawback to self-report questionnaires is that :___________________..
A) they typically take a long time to administer.
B) scoring requires the use of a computer.
C) people may respond in socially desirable ways
D) special training is needed to interpret the questionnaire.

3. The _____ is a personality test that reveals underlying motives and concerns of respondents and how the respondents see the social world through the stories they create about ambiguous pictures of people.
A) Ambiguous Situation Assessment
B) Rorschach Inkblot Test
C) Thematic Apperception Test
D) Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory

4. When traits are organized in a hierarchy, _____ are at the _____ level.
A) specific behaviors; highest
B) abstract traits; middle
C) specific behaviors; lowest
D) abstract traits; lowest

5. Gordon Allport views a trait as______________________.
A) a relatively stable disposition to behave in a particular and consistent way.
B) a pre-existing disposition that causes person’s behavior, or the motivation that guides behavior
C) Both a and b
D) Either a or b

6. The Big Five Factor Model does NOT include:_____________________.
A) extraversion.
B) openness to experience.
C) neuroticism.
D) narcissism

7. Who would personality psychologists expect to have the MOST similar personality traits?
A) fraternal twins Billy and Bobby
B) siblings Cara and Drew
C) monozygotic twins Sadie and Sara
D) dizygotic twins Mari and Matt

8. Research on gender differences in personality has shown___________.
A) men are more verbally expressive
B) both men and women are physically aggressive
C) all differences are related to biology and hormones
D) On a variety of personality characteristics, men and women on average are more similar in personality than different.

9. According to Eysenck (1967), extroverts seek stimulation due to_______________.
A) an underactive reticular formation
B) an overactive reticular formation
C) an underactive amygdala
D) an overactive amygdala

10. If you are studying for a test and friends drop by to invite you to go to a party, what might your id say to you?
A) “If there is time, let's stop by the party after you finish studying.”
B) “Your friends are immoral and you should not associate with them.”
C) “Your professor will really be disappointed if you make another low grade.”
D) “You need to blow off some steam—let's party!”

11. Jessica and Ashley are talking about Carla. Jessica says that she does not like Carla because she is loud and annoying. In fact, loud and annoying are adjectives that many people use to describe Jessica. Which defense mechanism is Jessica using?
A) Identification
B) Projection
C) Displacement
D) reaction formation

12. The CORRECT order of the psychosexual stages described by Sigmund Freud is:
A) oral, anal, phallic, latency, genital.
B) oral, anal, latency, phallic, genital.
C) oral, phallic, anal, latency, genital.
D) oral, anal, genital, phallic, latency.

13. Emily is working with a psychologist who focuses on Emily's positive characteristics and her potential for growth. To which type of orientation does this psychologist subscribe?
A) Psychodynamic
B) Humanistic
C) Psychosocial
D) Existential

14. Abraham Maslow designed a hierarchy of needs, promoting the idea that basic physiological and safety needs must be satisfied before a person can focus on:
A) his or her inner child.
B) self-actualization.
C) personality development.
D) existential angst.

15. _____can occur as we face difficulties in finding meaning in life and death and take responsibility for making free choices.
A) Self-actualization
B) Flow
C) Existentialism
D) Angst

16. A second grader is reading a library book. Under what circumstances might he experience the mental state that humanistic psychologists term flow?
A) after reading for approximately 10 minutes when he is in the middle of the book
B) if the book is a “beginning readers” book that he could have read in kindergarten
C) when the book challenges him, but he nevertheless understands it
D) when the book has many words in it that he doesn't understand

17. Ten-year-old Tisha, a fifth grader, cheated on a test. According to the social–cognitive approach, she is more likely than are others to_______________________.
A) tell lies
B) engage in shoplifting when she enters adolescence
C) steal money from her mother's pocketbook
D) cheat on a subsequent test

18. When her roommate asked Connie why she wasn't studying for a big test scheduled for the next day, Connie replied, “It doesn't make any difference whether I study or not. I just know I'll make a low grade because I have such bad luck.” It is likely that Connie has a(n)________________________.
A) positive sense of personal constructs
B) negative sense of personal constructs
C) internal locus of control
D) external locus of control

19. The self-concept can be organized into__________________.
A) self-esteem and personal constructs
B) self-verification and self-esteem
C) self-narratives and self-schemas
D) self-esteem and self-knowledge

20. When she makes a high grade on a test, Cynthia says, “I studied hard and did really well on that test!” When she scores low, she says, “That test was unreasonable and the professor just can't teach!” Her reactions are an example of___________________.
A) an internal locus of control
B) a reaction formation
C) implicit egotism
D) the self-serving bias

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