Participate in a boxing activity and Krav Maga- a martial art
Following completion of total participation, write a final, in-depth paper analyzing your experience through the lens of a social psychology theory of your choice. Use your reaction papers as evidence woven together with current research. 5 pages double space
1- write a final, in-depth paper analyzing my experience through the lens of a social psychology theories both FLOW and Hierarchy of Needs to sort of put both into perspective
In the paper, for each typed page you should have at least one citation from professional literature. For each 5 pages of typed text at least 4 research based articles directly related to the theories you are discussing. For using resources, you should use references 2010 or later (professional literature) such as, academic journals.

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Krav Maga is a tactical mixed martial art and self-defense system that was developed for Israeli military. It is known for the simulation and focus on real world situations and places emphasis on neutralization of threat, defensive and offensive maneuvers and aggression. The other activity which was assessed was Cardio bag training where hitting the bag increases metabolic rate, trains the whole body, and does not as much involve a mental challenge as much as it involves focus on strength and proper punches.
In this in-depth analysis I am going to thoroughly analyze my experience in two different sport activities from the aspect of psychological theories, Krav Maga training and Cardio Bag training. The two theories I will be referring to are Csikszentmihalyi's Flow Theory and Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Theory.
Flow theory describes a state of mind that makes an individual completely immersed in the activity they are performing.
When attained, this state of mind challenges the skill level, which ultimately results in the optimal subjective experience, in comparison to other psychological states. This state of mind is intrinsically motivated (Lambert, Chapman and Lurie, 2013). When the individual feels they have attained the necessary skills to complete their task, they enter this state of mind.
While under the effect of a variety of sensations and feelings experienced while training in these alternating conditions, I found that the goals which were set, have presented a clear and achievable challenge for...

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