You will select a research question, write a research proposal in an area of your choice, that conforms to APA style and format. The proposal will contain introduction to the problem (including the research hypotheses), brief literature and statement of the methodology (e.g., method, sampling, measurement). Proposals should be a maximum 10 pages, double spaced, excluding pages such as cover page, surveys, references etc.

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Existing research indicates that the type of music that an individual prefers is hugely connected to the personality of the individual. However, emerging research is bringing to the fore a different perception and explanation for music preferences among individuals. Some psychologists are of the opinion that the age, gender and the geographical location of an individual have the greatest impact on the type of music that individuals enjoy. However, it is normal to find that some individuals are a reflection of the type of music that they prefer despite their age and location. It is paramount to note that the existing research on the effect of personality and music preference used diverse research methods to arrive at their conclusions. This research proposal seeks to borrow from the ideas of Rentfrow and Gosling in their 2003 study of a similar topic. Additionally, the proposal will also put into consideration other indicators of the relationship between music preference and the personality of an individual.
1.1 Scope
The report uses learning resources from module recommended sources and academic work on the subject. Media sources have been sparingly used in the literature review. The main subject is Psychology. The study explores the Gosling and Rentfrow work on the big five factors of cognitive ability and its relativity to music. This work will try to use the testing of the big five factors of cognitive ability (Gosling, Rentfrow & Swan 2003) in relation to music tastes.
1.2 Research questions
This research seeks to investigate the following questions in detail.
1. Does music influence a person’s behavior or personality?
2. In what way is music correlated to human psychology?
3. How is music tied to an individual’s personality?
4. What symbolizes the different genres of music and how does this categorize each individual’s personality?
There are many psychological factors that influence the preference in the individual’s choice of music. Music helps to bring the sense of identity to a person. Majority of individuals start to define themselves during the adolescent years as they develop from teenage-hood and mature to become young adults. During this phase of life, many individuals develop a social identity, personal evaluation and self esteem. Social identity of individuals is further edified by the social gatherings, activities and choice of music that they enjoy (North, Harfreaves & O’Neill, 2000). It therefore follows that music preference is a developmental process in many people. Psychologists also note that early adulthood marks some of the years where acquired behavior and preferences of many individuals stick to those individuals for the rest of their lives. While some people may change their preferences in life as they mature and experience new things, for a substantial number of people, there is a sort of stability with habits and inclination...
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