Read the Case Study: Individual Workplace Performance: Systematically Reviewed and answer the following questions:
1 Why is it important to apply inclusion and exclusion criteria when deciding which publications to include in a Systematic Review?
b What other quality criteria might you use?
2 What are the advantages and disadvantages of using an expert panel of stakeholders to assist in determining a Review question?
3 Emily has decided to collect her primary data by interviewing human resource managers in the finance sector. How can she use the findings of her systematics review to inform her subsequent data collection?

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The systematic literature review has been preferred over the narrative literature review for several reasons. The systematic literature review is well defined and rigorous in reviewing literature pertaining to a particular area of interest in any given study (, 2015). In its approach, it identifies, evaluates and interprets available research in the area of interest.
a) Importance of inclusion and exclusion criteria in a systematic review?
As noted by Emily in the case study, there are several publications that are in the area of Individual Workplace Performance and are some of the publications are in diverse areas. For a focused approach to the systematic review, one would need to read...

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