Consider this:

An experiment was conducted with two groups of participants. One group of participants was given 10 printed pages of material to proofread for errors. A second group was asked to proofread the same material on a computer screen. The dependent variable was the number of errors detected in a 5-minute period. A .05 significance (alpha) level was used to evaluate the results.

Compose a brief narrative to answer the following:

1. Create a null and research hypothesis for this study.

2. What statistical test would you use to test this hypothesis and why would you choose this test?

3. In the context of this research study and the research hypothesis you stated in #1, describe Type I and Type II errors. What does it mean to commit each type of error for this research hypothesis? In the context of this study, is one more “serious” or “harmful” than the other?

4. What is the probability of making a Type I error for this study?

Length: 1-2 pages

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The research hypothesis predicts that the mean number of errors will differ at a level of statistical significance between the group reading from the computer screen and the group reading from printed pages.   The null hypothesis states that there will be no significant difference between the means of the two groups, or that the mean of the computer screen group is...
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