Find four empirical research articles about the rise of the political Islam, which have similar or same dependent variable which is the rise of the political Islam. Answer following questions.

1) clearly and accurately state research question of all articles
2) test Dependent Variable and Independent Variable clearly each piece
3) provide a clear definition if key variables/terms are ambiguous
4) present conclusion of each study clearly and accurately
5) relationship of each piece to other works in literature accurately
6) characterized all of study research designs accurately
7) present rigor of each study design accurately
8) depict state of the academic debate on the question accurately
9) assess quality of the sources presented here
10) present relationship of these sources to one another accurately
11) identify remaining points of disagreement in the literature correctly

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Article 1: The Rise of Political Islam in Turkey

1. What is the social, political and religious landscape in Turkey? What is the current relationship between the emerging secular subscriptions and the traditional religion in Turkey?

2. The dependent variable is the political standing in Turkey, which is dependent on a range of variables, which include religion, cultural exchange, global interactions, and economy.

a Muslim Majority- In the case study, the term denotes the high index of Islam religion in Turkey
b. Religious-political- The term defines the current politics trend that is woven around the religious subscriptions of the majority voters.
c. APK- Justice of Development Party of Turkey

The study concluded that the current political atmosphere in Turkey is as a result of religion and international relationship with European and Western countries. Similarly, the researcher also speculated that the internal religious forces might less affect political status in the future subsequent the increased international influence....
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