1. Describe the role of the grandparent or aged person within the family, regarding discipline, reward/nurturing, folklore of the culture, traditions, and other child-rearing issues. (internet reference)

2. Describe the roles and functions of the grandparent within a selected culture, or your own culture. (internet reference)

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1. The grandparent in the family takes on a very interesting role, or more accurately, a manifold unraveling a series of roles adopted over time. Some discarded; some remain relevant and stay strong. For example, the grandparent is originally just a parent, so one is burdened with the responsibilities of raising a child, such as emotional sharing and caring, demonstrating and investing love and a goal-oriented sense of responsibility so that the child feels loved and can be happy, with proper provisions not just in nourishment, but also in psychological bounds such as emotion, education, life-sustaining behaviors, instilling the value of learning and participating in tasks or cultural rituals and celebrations (Bornstein, "Refocusing on Parenting")....
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