Write a summary about the following article

(1) indicating the goal of the research,
(2) the design of the experiments,
(3) the principal results,
(4) and how these results were interpreted theoretically.

This should be not more than two typed, double-spaced pages. It should be clearly written in normal prose (i.e., not "point form").
Consists of: Introduction (explain study, paradigm, why it’s used, what it tests and why), methods (describe what was done, # of subjects, etc.), results (what was found, explain this in laymen’s terms) and brief discussion (what the results mean, what this suggests about the big picture)

The article is:
Alcohol Placebos Influence the Misinformation Effect
Seema L. Assefi and Maryanne Garry
Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand

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The use of Alcohol placebos, in a well-selected group of participants, is an effective way to demonstrate the changes in the social characters of human beings, which does not extend to cover the nonsocial effects. Some people belief that alcohol has some notable effects on the way they perceive things as well as the manner in which they remember things. In most cases, some people end up committing violent crimes when they are drunk but later explain that they were not aware of the reasons that led them into these crimes. This is not always true as explained by Swihart et al that the memory lapses that occur in a person are due to an effect of the memory that is taken to be state-dependent (Swihart, Yuillc & Porter, 1999). The goal of this research was to establish the effects of alcohol drinking to a number of dependent measures in the lives of human beings....
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