Article: Guadagno, R. E., Rempala, D. M., Murphy, S., & Okdie, B. M. (2013). What makes a video go viral? An analysis of emotional contagion and Internet memes. Computers in Human Behavior, 29, 2312-2319.

Instructions: Read the research article provided and respond to the questions below. Your response should be between 3-4 pages, double-spaced, standard margins, Times New Roman size 12 font. You should respond to each question in full sentences, not bullet points. Your header will not count towards page length. You may consult with your classmates about the assignment but your written work must be your own.


a. In the Introduction, the article describes several possible reasons why people decide to forward Internet memes and videos. Describe three of the reasons discussed in the Introduction section of the article.

b. What are the study hypotheses? Did the researchers expect to find any main effects? Did they expect to find any interactions?


c. How did the researchers select their study sample? Did they use random sampling? Is their sample representative of all people that use the Internet? Why or why not? Which of the “Big Four” validities would this affect?

d. What is the dependent variable in this study? How did the researchers operationalize their dependent variable? What type of questions did they use?

Study 1

e. The authors conducted two studies (Study 1 and Study 2). In Study 1, what is the independent variable? Name all of the levels/conditions of the independent variable. Is Study 1 a within-groups design or an independent-groups design?

f. What were the results of Study 1? Did the type of video make a difference in likelihood of forwarding?

Study 2

g. In Study 2, the authors added an additional independent variable. What is the new independent variable in Study 2?

h. In Study 2, the researchers utilized a 4 x 2 factorial design. Which independent variable does the “4” refer to? List all four levels/conditions of that variable. Which independent variable does the “2” refer to? List the two levels/conditions of that variable.

i. What were the results of Study 2? Did the source of the video make a difference in likelihood of forwarding?


j. After reading the General Discussion section, what thoughts do you have on these findings?

k. Discuss the ways in which this experiment does or does not satisfy the three causal rules. For internal validity, what other potential third variables might the researchers have considered?

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Critical Thinking- Assignment 2
The possibility to share various contents almost instantaneously has made the internet the most powerful media tool today. Hence, there is a need to understand why people choose to forward or share certain videos and Internet memes over the others. Therefore, in this paper I shall analyze an article from 2013 named “What makes a video go viral? An analysis of emotional contagion and Internet memes” that examines this issue more closely (Guadagno , Rempala, Murphy, & Okdie, 2013). Moreover, I will also share my thoughts on the discussion findings and analyze whether or not the three research method casual rules apply to this study.

In their study, Guadagno, Rempala, Murphy, & Okdie examined the emotional factors that influence people to share certain media contents over the World Wide Web services. It is disputed that there are many different reasons why people decide to do so. Firstly, some studies suggest that the fast spreading of information over the internet is due to contagion. Even though there are several forms of contagion, it is reported that emotional contagion has a particular role to play in this case. Emotional ...

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