Make a PowerPoint presentation on an experimental topic: think of a question or idea of something you want to test, of an experimental idea.
Topic: The Effect Of color on response time and accuracy in a semantic reasoning task.

Write an experimental paper on the following topic. SUPPORTIVENESS OF FEEDBACK AND ACADEMIC RESILIENCE - Association Between “Supportiveness” of Feedback Delivered by Learning Analytics and Academic Resilience.

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In recent years, higher education institutions have engaged in exploring the potential of collecting electronic data via Learning analytics to predict many important academic metrics, such as student retention, and to understand learning behaviors better. The main goal of learning analytics is to improve students’ learning by providing personalized feedback and support.
The concept of learning analytics refers to “the collection, analysis and reporting of big data on students to predict student retention, understand learning behaviors, and improve learning through providing personalized feedback and support” (Siemens, 2013). This study is focused on one of many factors influencing how feedback delivered by learning analytics is received – it focuses on the characteristics of the content of the feedback, comparing “supportive” and “non-supportive” message wording. Namely, it was highlighted by a recent study (Winstone et al., 2017) that feedback is unlikely to be acted upon if tone of the feedback is perceived as unmotivational (Hernandez, 2012) or insensitive (Koen et al., 2012). In a study by Eva et al. (2012) it was found that feedback had greater effectiveness when framed positively - positive comments gave receivers of feedback a confidence boost (Eva et al., 2012). Following...

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