Overview: In this assignment, we will conduct and write-up a piece of research looking at whether different types of feedback delivered via learning analytics ‘alerts’ influence aspects of academic resilience.

Earlier in the semester we collected the data for this research, which you will analyse in the Modules 7B and 8B. In Module 8A I will walk you through the process of writing up a piece of research in APA style. In this document, you will find a summary of the expectations for this assignment.

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The aim of this study was to examine association between supportiveness of the content in learning analytics alerts messages and academic resilience in Australian students. The main hypothesis was that supportive framing of feedback delivered to students by alerts would be associated with higher scores of academic resilience. The study sample consisted 341 students from Curtin University in total: 22.6% of male and 76.7% of female participants. It had 65.7% Bachelor of Psychology, 21.4% Bachelor of Speech Pathology and 12.3% Bachelor of Psychology and Human Resources management students. The participants were randomly assigned to two conditions – “supportive message” condition and “no supportive message” condition. After that, they were asked to complete the Academic Resilience Scale. The results of the study suggest that there is no association between supportive framing of the learning analytics alert message and academic resilience. The future studies should examine different aspects of learning analytics feedback content in relation to academic resilience as well as possible interactions between different aspects.
Keywords: learning analytics, academic resilience, academic resilience scale

The Association Between “Supportiveness” of Feedback Delivered by Learning Analytics and Academic Resilience

In recent years, higher education institutions have engaged in exploring the potential of collecting electronic data from students to predict many important...
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