Using the recommendations on pp. 603–604 in the Cooper text as a guide, provide an example of how you could use self-administered consequence to increase a desired behavior. Using these same recommendations, provide an additional example of how you could use self-administered consequences to decrease an undesired behavior. Are there any drawbacks to the use of self-administered consequences? Any ethical, legal, practical, individual and/or social validity concerns?

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One of the fundamental approaches of self-management is arranging to have a specific set of consequences follow one’s target behavior (non)occurrence (Cooper et al., 2007). A future frequency of one’s behavior can be increased or decreased by self-management programs that include application of contingencies analog to positive or negative reinforcement (Cooper et al., 2007). In a hypothetical example, I would use self-administered consequence to increase a desired behavior in a scenario where I would like to increase my daily activity level measured by step count. Self-monitoring can be difficult; therefore I would try to include materials and devices that make self-monitoring easier and more efficient. In this case, I would use a mobile application that helps me track may daily step count and routine. This would allow me to keep precise record...

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