Effects Of Ethnicity And Sexual Orientation In Domestic Violence (1710 words)

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Write a paper on the topic Effects of Ethnicity and Sexual Orientation on Perception of Severity of Domestic Violence.
For the abstract you basically have to summarize everything in 1-2 sentences each. You have to write your hypothesis, and your findings in it.
For the introduction, you have to provide background information of some previous research papers that supports your study.
The methods section= Participants section you write the demographics of your participants
In the Materials section you should write what items were used in the study, describe your independent and dependent variable and discuss how you measured them. Give examples of items from your measurement instrument. (Use the survey and explain it)
For procedure write what steps the participants took to follow to complete the experiment
For results you write your results you got from the spss data
Discussion section is summarizing your findings again but saying it in words that people could understand. Also include the implications and limitations of your study.

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Empirical research examining the impact of sexual orientation on perceptions of domestic violence is nearly nonexistent (Seelau, Seelau & Poorman, 2003). Domestic violence has been a heterosexual relationships issue and little research has been done on violence in same-sex relationships (Aguinaldo, 2000). Moreover, there is an ongoing debate regarding the role of ethnicity and race play in relation to differences in perception of domestic violence.
Domestic violence refers to violence or other abuse by one person against another in a domestic setting (e.g. marriage or cohabitation). Intimate partner violence refers to violence committed by a partner or a spouse that can occur in both heterosexual and same-sex relationships, between current or former partners. Domestic violence can take many forms, such as physical, psychological, economic, religious, sexual and reproductive abuse, ranging from subtle coercion to grave and violent physical abuse forms, such as rape and murder.
There are many different perspectives on domestic violence, and most seems to be influenced by complex interplay of biological factors, as well as collective and individual experiences. Previous research established that gender of participant, victim and perpetrator affects the perception of presence of domestic violence, its severity, culpability, and appropriateness of various interventions.
Recent studies show that gender affects ratings of domestic violence victim’s credibility. Female participants rated a male victim as more credible than a female victim when the aggressor was male. Female participants also rated male victims’ injuries as more attributable to a male aggressor than a female aggressor (Wasserly et al., 2012).
Hamby et al. (2016) found that people perceive intimate partner...
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