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Iwata, B. A. (2014). Functional Analysis of Problem Behavior. Michigan Autism Training Video. Retrieved from

Conducting functional analyses of problem behavior has advantages and limitations. Describe the ethical components and potential risks when conducting a functional analysis of problem behavior. Next, discuss the advantages and limitations of functional analysis. Culminate your post with a description of extensions and alterations of functional analysis methods (i.e., brief and extended functional analyses).

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Functional analysis is a method that involves systematic manipulation of environmental events that are assumed to maintain problem behavior within an experimental design (Cooper et al., 2007). The most prominent advantage of the functional analysis method is its ability to demonstrate a relationship of the controlled variable(s) and the occurrence of a problem behavior clearly (Cooper et al., 2007). Next, functional analysis serves as a standard of scientific evidence and other behavior assessment alternatives are evaluated by it (Cooper et al., 2007). It is the most frequently used method in research and treatment of problem behaviors (Cooper et al., 2007). Since it has been replicated...

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