Select one of the special populations (i.e., special education, developmental disabilities, mental health, etc.) and evaluate some of the unique ethical, social validity and practical issues which can arise when designing a behavior intervention plan for this type of setting. How can you plan for these issues ahead of time? What methods appear to work best for this client population and why? What methods do not appear to be very effective for this client population and why?

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For the purpose of this assignment, children who display challenging behavior and strategies for their parents to address these behaviors in a home setting were selected and discussed. Challenging behavior can be defined as any pattern or perception of behavior that is repeating and interfering or is at risk of interfering with adequate learning and engagement in prosocial situations with adults or peers (Chai & Lieberman-Betz, 2016). Challenging behaviors are considered to serve a particular communicative purpose: gaining access to desired items or activities or escaping aversive stimuli (Chai & Lieberman-Betz, 2016). Children with challenging behavior are often at risk of continuous and persistent problematic behavior that increases over time and consequential academic difficulties (Chai & Lieberman-Betz, 2016), which makes this group very important from a social validity perspective. Moreover, challenging behavior...

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