Alternating Treatment Design Report

Submit a detailed report on the hypothetical case study you created for last week's graphing assignment. Include both graphs from last week with corrections, if any, based on feedback you received from your instructor. Include the following details and descriptions in your report:

• Subject (or subjects).
• Setting.
• Baseline.
• Treatments.
• Appropriate dependent behavior to be targeted from a phobia treatment.
• Anxiety reduction procedure.
• Cognitive behavior modification procedure.
• Implementation of phobia treatments based in CBT.
• Target behavior.
• Design.
• Results.
• Conclusions.
• Strengths or limitations of the ATD.
• Strengths or limitations of treatment (independent variables).

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ATD Report
The aim of the present study was to examine effects of the anxiety reduction and cognitive behavior modification procedures on the level of anxiety in two college students.

The subject in this study were two college students who had signed up for counseling due to experiencing debilitating levels of anxiety during previous months. Both students were females, 19 and 21 years old. Both had started experiencing anxiety shortly after they enrolled in college and both had been experiencing it for more than six months at the time when they were recruited for the study.

The study was conducted in a period of 20 weeks at a researcher’s (who is also a certified CBT psychotherapist) office. Subjects had been coming to the researcher’s office once in a week, for a one hour session.

The baseline data was obtained during the first two or three subjects’ psychotherapy sessions, respectively. Both subject had relatively high and steady levels of anxiety per measures obtained during the baseline.

To compare the effectiveness of two different CBT derived treatments for anxiety, the researcher chose to employ alternating treatments design with two treatments: the anxiety reduction treatment and cognitive behavior modification treatment. Both treatments were related to CBT practice, but they were also distinct enough, i.e. easily distinguishable by subjects, to control for carryover effects.

Appropriate dependent behavior to be targeted from an anxiety treatment
Since the level of overall anxiety was obtained at each session by employing Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale, both psychic anxiety...

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