Identify the one study that was the most sound in design, implementation, results, and interpretation. Discuss your selection based on the criteria suggested in Cooper, Heron, and Heward for evaluating ABA research (2007, pp. 247–252, article: SOCIAL-SKILLS TRAINING FOR UNASSERTIVE CHILDREN:A MULTIPLE-BASELINE ANALYSIS).

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In the study by Bornstein, Bellack and Hersen (1974), the aim was to examine the effects of social-skills training consisting of instructions, feedback, behavior rehearsal, and modeling in a multiple-baseline analysis. The subjects were four unassertive children. At the time of the study, an increased attention was placed onto the measurement and modification of social-skill deficits in a variety of populations, including children (Bornstein et al., 1974). In some of the previous studies, the concept of "social skills" was used indistinctly in reference to the amalgam of abilities that are necessary for successful interpersonal functioning (Bornstein et al., 1974). Within this study, however, social-skill and their deficits in children were primarily described similarly to assertiveness and its deficits (Bornstein et al., 1974).
The construct of "assertiveness" relates to a subgroup of social skills with emphasis on “the ability to express both positive and negative feelings in the interpersonal context without...

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