Read the text Cooper et al. (2007) Chapters 26.

Read the following article:
Coogan, B., Kehle, T. J., Bray, M. A., & Chafouleas, S. M. (2007). Group contingencies, randomization of reinforcers, and criteria for reinforcement, self-monitoring, and peer feedback on reducing inappropriate classroom behavior. School Psychology Quarterly, 22 (4) 540–556.

Hackenberg, T. (2009). Token reinforcement: A review and analysis. Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, 91 , 257–289.
Reddy, L. A. (2012). Group instructional and behavioral management strategies. In Group play interventions for children: Strategies for teaching prosocial skills (pp. 35–42). Washington, D.C.: American Psychological Association.

Design your own token economy system. Be sure to clearly describe the following components: (a) the tokens you will use; (b) the target behaviors and rules for successful task completion; (c) how you will make your system specific or individualized; (d) your menu of backup reinforcers; (e) a ratio of exchange; (f) procedures to dispense and exchange tokens; (g) procedures to follow when token requirements are not met (e.g. – response cost); (h) ethical, legal, individual, practical, and social validity considerations.

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Token economy is a system for providing a positive reinforcement through the use of tokens which are given to an individual after successful completion of a task or for demonstration of a desirable target behavior (Cooper et al., 2007). Token economy has been used successfully as behavior-management and motivational tools in both rehabilitative and educational settings (Hackenberg, 2009). It can be described as a method for increasing the rate or for strengthening a behavior - the tokens are a way of paying for task completion of target behavior because individuals can exchange them for preferred items or activities. Given that tokens are not naturally occurring reinforcers (such as food), the token economy...
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