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Speech arguing against fracking.

Thesis statement: State governments should restrict fracking due to health and safety and environmental concerns.

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Speech Against Fracking
Opening Statement (2 minutes)
Fracking breaks the land and many things can go wrong. The hunger for fossil fuels has driven private contractors and government entities to mine for gas in shale rock, and in areas where oil and gas may be found. But the method of fracking is destructive not only for the environment, it is a symptom of our industrial society’s unquenchable appetite to use up oil and gas reserves no matter the cost.
Fracking involves injecting sand, water, and other chemicals at high-pressure into bedrock. It’s sometimes called “slick water.” New fractures in the rock are intended to make it easier to access oil and gas reserves. The end results of fracking are presumably good. We need energy resources since we are so dependent on fossil fuels, but the means to acquire this energy is not the way to go.

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