Part I
Drawing on Chapter 1 of the Zarefsky textbook and the Lloyd Bitzer reading, define the following terms and describe how they function when someone gives a speech. (The example can be actual or hypothetical.) :

Rhetorical Situation
Exigence (in terms of the Rhetorical Situation)
Audience (in terms of the Rhetorical Situation),
Constraints (and opportunities) (in terms of the Rhetorical Situation),
Invention (in terms of the Canon),
Arrangement (in terms of the Canon),
Style (in terms of the Canon),
Delivery (in terms of the Canon),
Memory (in terms of the Canon).

Part II
Watch a Super Bowl commercial from an online source. In approximately 200 words, explain whether you judge it to be ethical or unethical and explain what would need to be changed in order to have you reverse your analytical judgment. Be as specific as possible in terms of respect for listeners and concern for consequences. Describe the ad sufficiently and summarize its contents fairly and carefully.

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Rhetorical Situation
Speech writers use the rhetorical situation when giving a speech to first set a relevant context to an issue or problem the audience is facing, and second, to use context to come up with solutions. For example, a boy at a local school was beaten up while walking home from school. As Lloyd Bitzer notes, “it is the situation that calls the discourse into existence.”
The Rhetorical situation is thus created because a student at a school has been bullied. The principal of the school, uses the situation to address the audience about the danger of bullying. She gives the speech to the entire school community about bullying, how to prevent it, and what bystanders can do to intervene....

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