1    Discussions: Interventions

Discuss the interventions that have proven effective for the problem and selection of the program model that you will utilize for the capstone.
1. Use this discussion to summarize one of the scholarly sources you have chosen for your literature review.
2. Outline the important elements of the source and discuss why this is an important reference for your project.
3. Use the nine steps outlined in Table 3-3 of Designing and Conducting Research in Health and Human Performance to help guide your summary.
4. For each resource selected, the literature review elements should include the following:
- Purpose, subject/sample
- Data collected
- Analyzed study steps, results, conclusions, and limitations raised in the study (limitations you identify)
- Why you think this study is valuable for this project

2    Compare and contrast various payers and suppliers and the claims filing process. How important are ethics with claims processing? Explain how ethics can impact payer mix and reimbursement.

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Discussions: Interventions

The intervention models employed by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) regarding stillbirths can be applicable in the Capstone problem concerning public health. One method of application is by monitoring the frequency of stillbirth occurrences, factors contributing towards the problem, and methods of prevention. Prevention of stillbirths requires knowledge about the outstanding factors attributed to the challenge, and developing intervention measures (Wojcieszek, Shepherd, Middleton, Gardener, Ellwood, McClure, and Flenady, 2017)
The CDC is an important agency of the government that specialises in the field of public health, not just in the United States, but globally. It is worthy to...

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