1    Discussion: Health Behaviors, Attitudes, and Beliefs.

A person’s attitudes and beliefs are often the driving force behind health choices and health behaviors. In your initial post, consider the role of a health professional. Referring to multilevel theory, do you believe it is more challenging to change a person’s attitudes about healthy behaviors or to change a person’s social environment that supports his or her health behaviors? Be sure to justify and fully explain your response.

2    Discussion: Privacy Scenario

A physical therapist receives a phone call from a woman demanding to know when her daughter-in-law’s next appointment is. The therapist tells the woman that she cannot disclose any information, and the woman becomes very angry and abusive, threatening to make a complaint. After the phone call, the therapist logs into the electronic medical record system to make a note about the conversation. However, since the two women share the same last name, the therapist accidentally accesses the woman's record instead of the daughter-in-law’s record. The therapist realizes the mistake, but not before spotting that the woman suffers from a serious mental health disorder, which might explain her behavior on the phone. The therapist mentions to her supervisor the possibility of a complaint being brought and also mentions that the woman has a history of mental health problems. Do you feel that there has been a breach of confidentiality? Why or why not? How do you feel the supervisor should handle this situation? Should the patient be notified? Respond to the posts of at least two of your classmates.

3   Journal: Balancing Privacy and Public Health

Balancing the confidentiality of individual health information with the need to protect public health, the HIPAA Privacy Rule expressly permits certain disclosures of protected health information (PHI) to public health authorities without an individual’s knowledge or authorization. For example, a healthcare provider may disclose to public health officials PHI about a person who is diagnosed with a communicable disease. How would you feel about a doctor disclosing this type of information about you or a loved one? Discuss arguments on both sides of the issue referencing at least one outside source to support your position.

4    Essay: Is There Discrimination?

A management position has opened up due to a recent retirement in the medical office where you work. You and your pregnant coworker are talking about it at lunch one day, and your coworker is very excited because she has been told several times by different senior managers that the next management position available would be hers. The next day, however, it is announced that someone with less experience, education, and time on the job will be taking over the position. Your coworker feels very strongly that it is because she is pregnant and going on maternity leave in two months. Other than two weeks of doctor-ordered bed rest for gestational diabetes, your coworker has an impeccable performance record throughout her pregnancy. Do you feel that your coworker has a valid claim against the medical office? Why or why not? What steps, if any, do you feel she should take next to address this situation? How would she go about proving a violation of her rights? Be sure to discuss a specific law or laws that may have been violated, and use facts to support your answer.

5    Journal: Final Project Outline

Create an outline for your final project. The outline should use the following structure:
• Part I: Introduction
• Parties
• Facts
• Claims
• Part II: Analysis
• Issue
• Rule
• Analysis
• Evidence
• Defenses
• Ethical Issues
• Conclusion
• Part III: Variation
• Analysis of Hypothetical

6.    Journal: Final Reflections

Reflect on the material discussed throughout the course. What did you enjoy the most? What will be most memorable to you? What surprised you the most? Are there any areas that should have been covered more?

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Discussion: Health Behaviors, Attitudes, and Beliefs

A person’s attitude plays a significant role in determining the health choices that they take. Often, these choices are important in determining the approach towards achieving better health. Having the right attitude makes individuals make decisions that benefit their well-being in the long run other than making those that befit the moment. A person with the right attitude gives their bodies rest when they demand it while others ignore it and fight fatigue with medicine. Having a well-toned body starts with the right attitude that determine the necessities the body requires and the natural way to manage them. Attitude affects the way individuals choose the type of foods they eat and influences the healthy habits that people adopt (Palojoki and Tuomi-Gröhn, 2008). People with the commitment to keep their bodies healthy do not develop the habit of choosing the foods rich in cholesterol when they can have better alternatives even as the cravings get better of them. Having the right attitude empowers against falling victim of following cravings in determining the proper food. In the same score, bodies require substantial rest.
Negative attitudes, on the other hand, impact the way people interact, fills the body with negative energy and cripples the quality of life that individuals have in life. Getting angry, upset, frustrated and humdrum floods the body with negative emotions that reduce the zeal and desire to fight toxins in the body when an ailment gets into the body. Studies have shown that the capacity of the persons to have hope and desire to get better works in sick patients when compared to those who resign their fate to the diseases (Palojoki and Tuomi-Gröhn, 2008). New patients with HIV and develop the zeal to live to outlive those...

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